DIY Luke Skywalker costume on a budget

From about April or May, my husband and I begin contemplating our/the Cub's Halloween costume for that year.  We tend to go back and forth until about September when we finally settle on something.  This year was an exception.  The Cub has had long, shaggy blonde hair for awhile now (we haven't cut it yet) and every day he looks more and more like Luke Skywalker circa Episode IV.  

I should mention that episodes IV, V, and VI in the Star Wars saga are an incredible part of my life, and like so many, part of my childhood that I want to pass on to my son.  The trouble is, kids nowadays don't really know much about Luke, because the most recent films and TV series' are all focused on Anakin.  Bleh.  Not that Anakin is the worst Star Wars character, but he's certainly not my favorite, nor does my son have naturally occurring Anakin Skywalker hair.  So it became very clear that I would have to fashion a Luke Skywalker costume on my own.  

Not being super crafty (I am an avid stealer of pinterest ideas) I got nervous.  About 3 days from Halloween, I still didn't have any part of a costume.  I was worried that I would have to buy a random character or animal costume from the thrift store out of desperation and pass up what might be the only time my son will just naturally look like one of my favorite fiction characters of all time.  Then, the day before our first Halloween shindig, downtown trick or treating, I found a $1 long sleeved, button up shirt at Goodwill.  It had no collar, and with the buttons gone and the seams sewn down it was perfect.  My friend did the sewing for me in about 2 minutes, and with the long, puffy sleeves, and the shirt folded over, it was exactly what I had envisioned.  

Now I needed a belt.  I ransacked my closet and found a bow tie of the husband's from prom (yes I still kept it).  I chopped the bow off and used the neck loop as a belt for my little Padawan.  Then I put him in some tan pants he already had that were just too small (perfect to be a little tighter fitting like the costume require), and my husband offered up some of his tan socks to go over his shoes as boots.  AMAZING.  He looked like Luke!  Now he just needed a light saber.  I would have bought him a toy light saber, but the kid is 2 and all of the ones I found were longer than he is.  So we improvised.  We cut up a paper towel roll so that one half fit into the other half, then the husband wrapped the base in black duct tape and found a way to wrap the end in blue in such a way that it was retractable.  He had a WORKING light saber!  So here he is, in all of his budget-friendly glory.  My little Padawan.

Getting used to his costume.  He ended up wearing it for 4 different occasions,
and by the end, he LOVED being Luke.
Trick or Treat!

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